Open discussion group will be running from 7-9pm every Thursday at the Canadian Mental Health Association – Kingston Branch


Groups are held every Thursday from 7:00pm to 9:00pm.

This is a free drop-in program and no registration required.


The project “Men & Depression: A Darker Shade of Blue” is a mental health promotion project that provides educational awareness presentations to promote stigma-free discussions about male depression and suicide.


Part 1: Community Presentations

The Canadian Mental Health Association – Kingston Branch will provide awareness presentations and brochures to local industry employers/employees, university/college faculty and students, interested groups, military personnel and families and those working in the criminal justice system within the community. Increasing community awareness of male depression and suicide through stigma free discussion will lead to more people recognizing the signs in brothers, sons, fathers, husbands, partners, loved ones, coworkers and friends.


Part 2: Discussion Groups

In the second part of the project, CMHA will recruit men who have lived with and experienced depression, and who are willing to facilitate stigma-free discussions with others, those living with depression, those who may be at risk of suicide, and/or other interested groups.



If you are interested in either aspect of this project, personally or for an organization, please contact our office.