The Canadian Mental Health Association – Kingston Branch is a voluntary community-based organization focused on increasing awareness about mental health, reducing the stigma surrounding mental illness and dedicated to restoring, enhancing and promoting the mental and emotional well-being of all individuals.  We strive to do this through public education, advocacy, social action, community development and direct services.

We envision a community which values everyone’s human dignity and mental health.

Our mission is to offer opportunity and support for individuals with serious mental health issues and complex needs from the diverse communities and populations of the City of Kingston so that they may achieve meaning and success and improve their level of functioning in the environment of their choice.


Social justice

The equality of all individuals, fairness, individual rights, freedom of choice, and privacy


Quality, consistency, continuous improvement and excellence in services and organization administration.

Individual and collective responsibility

To inform, educate and support our community in the understanding and prevention of mental illness, the reduction of stigma and the promotion of mental health.


The rights of individuals to be involved in all choices that affect them.


The development, encouragement and support of consumers and their families and of our staff and volunteers and leaders in support of our Mission.

Inclusion and participation

The individuals for whom services are intended have the knowledge, experience and ability to contribute significantly to the development of the services, the process by which they are provided, and their outcomes.